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Our process and applications engineers have strong and deep knowledge of thin film deposition technologies and are ready to take on new challenges.

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Some of the sputtering applications developed over the last 10 years include Through Silicon Vias (TSV) for 2.5D and 3D, Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO) for solar and LED, Dielectric thin films for optical coatings/ waveguides, thin film capacitors, magnetic materials for data storage.

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Quality Control

Our customer list ranges from world leading technology manufacturing companies to start-up companies developing next best products.

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Hionix’s team has in-depth and extensive expertise in materials development, deposition technologies and related metrology.

Hionix’s team has in-depth and extensive expertise in materials development, thin film deposition technologies, and related metrology.


frequently asked questions - thin film deposition

Hionix’s team has in-depth and extensive expertise in materials development, deposition technologies and related metrology.

Hionix offers numerous services in addition to the core business service of providing high quality thin film depositions.

Metrology services, sample environmental testing, sample bonding, and annealing services are offered as add on or standalone in-house services.

Hionix also enables full device fabrication for both R&D and high-volume manufacturing.

Hionix can deposit thin films onto glass, Si, polymers, foils, and many other sample types. Substrate sizes can range from small dies to 300mm or larger.

Please enquire for questions about your specific substrate.

Less than 2 weeks can be expected for all orders, with the majority taking less than 1 week.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Hionix takes pride in following all procedures in the Quality Management System to strive for continuous growth in quality.

Annual audits are conducted to help Hionix seek continual improvement and all employees undergo rigorous quality training.

Order processing is conducted in Hionix’s state-of-the-art Class 100 cleanroom, where particle control and cleanliness is of the highest priority.

Customer Testimonials

"Hionix provides fast turnaround for our amorphous silicon deposition needs on 8'' wafers. We worked closely to achieve precision and uniformity of various films to meet our specifications. They have excellent customer service."

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"In using Hionix's thin film deposition services over the past few years, I never fail to be impressed by their exceptional responsiveness. No matter when we give them an order, they always seem to turn it around faster than I would have expected. Their attention to our customer needs and flexibility in meeting them truly stands out in the industry."

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Luis Carbonell, CEO - MagArray, Inc

"We have been collaborating with Hionix for over 4 years and they have always provided an efficient and reliable service with fast turnaround times. Their team is professional and knowledgeable, and continuously demonstrated its ability to respond to our specific needs with a flexible approach and creative solutions. Hionix has been a consistent and trustful partner supporting our growth in the MEMS foundry market."

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Fabio Ferrari - Tronics Microsystems

"It was my great pleasure to have been working with Hionix for last couple of years. The product has always been very high quality films with superior and reliable properties, and the staffs are so kind, very responsive, and always supportive. I'd love to keep great partnership with Hionix in the future as well ------WebKitFormBoundar"

Junghyun Park Stanford University

"We have been a satisfied client of Hionix for over 5 years. Hionix is consistent in providing quality, well engineered thin films. The ability to rely on a service such as they provide has and continues to be key to our development success."

Bob Smith, COO - Bloo Solar

About Us

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Hionix specializes in delivering fast turnaround innovations in materials and thin films, to enable cutting edge products in semiconductors, consumer electronics, bio-medical, data storage, and sensor technologies. Some of these developments are offered as contract R&D or as thin film deposition services.