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Process Capability

Hionix is proud to offer film services using the innovative PVD tools developed by Tango Systems patented magnetron sputtering technology for metal, dielectric and semiconductor thin film coatings. High productivity Axcela platform allows us to offer competitive pricing with high throughput with finest quality. The high productivity with best quality, allows Hionix to pass on the savings to our customers.

Strong knowledge base with R&D scientists, engineers and experienced management, makes anything of importance to our customers in sputtering technology possible.

Capabilities of our sputtering systems

  • DC magnetron sputtering , faster metal and dielectric deposition.
  • RF sputtering to sputter dielectrics and magnetic materials. RF bias for sputter etching and deposition with bias.
  • Reduced particle counts
  • Up to 6 different materials without vacuum breaks.
  • PVD sputtering for substrates 25mm-450mm.

Low temp deposition

  • The wafer table is actively cooled with sub-zero coolant
  • Thick film depositions increase the table temp to ~125C with house water cooling.
  • Using a special chiller with water inlet temp of 2-4 ºC the temperature of the wafer will be down to 80C.

Class 100 Clean Room

  • Hionix is located in a 45,000 sq. ft building and shares facilities with Tango Systems, Inc.
  • Clean room area is 6000 sq. ft
  • Clean room has micro environments that exceeds class 100 specifications.
  • Wafer are loaded in FOUP, Cassette, wand depending upon the size and customer requirements.

Film uniformity:

  • The uniformity optimized with the magnetic field configuration
  • Uniformity can be fine-tuned based on customer requirements to 1 sigma <1%.
  • Target erosion had no perceivable effect on deposition uniformity and thickness


  • Standard production lead-time is less than a week for a majority of services.
  • R&D programs lead-times may be longer depending upon complexity.

Characteristics of D­Source Dynamic Magnetron Sputter Deposition:

  • High Deposition Rates 1 micron/min
  • RF bias for sputter etching and deposition with bias
  • Water Cooled table for controlled substrate temperature deposition below 40 °C
  • Batch processing
  • Almost any metallic target material can be sputtered without decomposition
  • Conductive materials can be deposited using a direct current (DC) power supply
  • Non­conductive materials can be sputtered by using radio frequency (RF)
  • Oxide coatings can be sputtered (reactive sputtering)
  • Excellent layer uniformity ~ Rs 5%
  • Better Film Property Control (grain size, stress, etc.)
  • Easy Target Change procedure
  • The uniformity optimized with the magnetic field configuration

Process control Parameters:

  • Process Pressure
  • Sputter voltage
  • Substrate Bias
  • Throw Distance
  • Substrate temperature
  • Particle Energy

Below is an example of good step coverage and sidewall coverage achieved for Cu deposition in a 10:1 aspect ratio via structure for TSV applications.